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Assistance with preparation for new & annual  loan renewal requests
  • Development of current & projected balance sheets with supporting schedules for you & your lenders use.

  • Development of year to date and projected cash flows with supporting schedules for you & your lenders use.

Support with pre-mediation preparation & mediation negotiations   
  • Pre-Mediation counseling regarding the process and organization of documents for the mediation meeting.

  • If needed guidance & serving as an advocate for borrower during the mediation meeting. 

  • Post-Mediation support with assisting with action items as outlined in the mediation agreement.  

Development of request for proposal to aid with the search for more favorable lending terms and conditons
  • Build projected typical year cash flows (including source & uses of grain & feedstuffs,  market livestock sold, cost of production by enterprise, etc.) so that a projected debt service coverage ratio and margin can be estimated.

  • Development of short term sources and uses of cash table to aid with the construction of new credit structure that is better suited to the operations current and future needs. Estimate projected loan to values ratios and other key components of the new credit structure, etc.

  • Assisting with the due diligence process with existing and/or new lender. 

  • Supporting clients during negotiations with prospective lenders and/or parties, if necessary.

Strategic Planning
  • SWOT analysis is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats:

    • The primary objective of a SWOT analysis is to help organizations develop a full awareness of all the factors involved in important strategic decisions. 

  • Independent enterprise risk management assessment with recommendations.

  • Profit improvement and operational review services.

Other Business Services As Agreed To Support Client Needs
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