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At Brightlight LLC we strive to provide value added professional services and expert counsel that will help you manage peak workloads, control risk and achieve long-term strategic goals. 

Donn Patience
Managing Member
  • 30+ years of real world experience with agricultural and commercial businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations.

  • Managed an loan portfolio of over a $150MM of credit exposure to large commercial agribusiness including; grain elevators, swine integrators, commercial grain farming operations, beef feed lots, international swine genetics provider and feeder cattle placement broker. 

  • Additional commercial experience including aluminum extrusion processors, metal fabrication shops, wholesale suppliers, trucking and scrap metal processors.

  • Proficiency in structuring financing for expansions, startups, mergers and acquisitions including debt facilities for working capital, intermediate, & long term loans. Completed modeling (projections), sensitivity analysis, and due diligence reviews of business plans & historic financial performance information.

  • Managed a regional loan portfolio ($350 million) for nine branch offices.  Responsible for maintaining the credit quality of the portfolio, identifying credit risks, and properly classifying loans.  (The region was awarded the highest credit administration ranking by the Credit Review Group.)

  • Arranged and lead multi bank correspondent banking relationships with credit exposures ranging in size from 5 to 60 million.

  • Extensive experience in developed loan restructuring plans and /or exit strategies.

  • Responsible for managing credit resolutions that required foreclosure, bankruptcy and/or other litigation. (Over 100 cases.) Many requiring mandatory mediation.

  • Reviewed loan portflios  to assure compliance with loan policy and reporting of proper credit quality classification. Reviewed banks government guaranteed loan files and banks for compliance with the terms of the government loan guarantee program.

  • Implemented migration of credit approval memos and related supporting information into a web based analytics program (Moody’s WebEquity).

  • Familiarly with Farmer Mac loans and Ag. Power (Farmer Mac’s loan origination system) and documentation.

  • Completed risk evaluations used by Farm Bureau, Nationwide Agribusiness, and AIG  insurance groups.

  • Robert Morris & Associates training.  Uniform Credit Analysis & Loan Structuring For Commercial Lenders.

  • Bachelor of Science, Iowa State University, Ames Iowa. Major: Agricultural Business.

Donna Patience
Project & Logistics Manager
  • Midwest Regional Logistic Coordinator responsible for arranging distribution of large appliances from the regional distribution center to dealers. Supervised warehouse inventory control, organization of trailer load sequence assembly, scheduling of trucking venders loading and delivery schedules. Additionally responsible for transportation of warranty returns to the regional distribution center.

  • Experienced Logistics Dispatcher coordinating loads and backhauls of 30 semi-tractors, 45 flatbed trailers & 3 van trailers over the continental United States.

  • Warranty Claims Administrator for a regional GM Power dealership.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Iowa State University, Ames Iowa. Major: Transportation Logistics

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